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Wildflower Lacquer Eye Love You Swatches and Review

I was able to buy the lovely polish in this post in advance so I have it to share with you while the pre-order is open through Thursday, May 26 at noon CDT. Wildflower Lacquer Eye Love You is a polish created to help pay for the maker’s poodle Scarlet’s vet bills, since she is an elderly dog with eye issues who needs to see a specialist. I love that Taylor does tributes to her pets to help them with their bills, since dogs tend not to be the best at paying their own, haha! It is a fun reason to pay tribute to these zany critters whose antics she shares. Let’s have a look!

Wildflower Lacquer Eye Love You is a lavender rose jelly with gold/green/blue multichrome iridescent shimmer. I wore it in four thin coats, but two or three will cover, and it had a nice, fast-drying formula. This is way more glowy and shifting in real life! Also, my stained nail beds show through and make it look warmer on the nail. 

This polish is available for pre-order through Thursday, May 26 at noon CDT. Have you checked out the May releases from Wildflower Lacquer yet? 

Wildflower Lacquer is made by Taylor in Oklahoma. You can find her at: 

Social media: 


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