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White Man Arrested For Threatening to Burn Down Black Neighbors’ Home

A white man in Daytona, Florida, is finally in police custody after reports of taunting his Black neighbors and threatening to burn down their house.

Gary Dragon, 34, was arrested Tuesday and had his charges enhanced after police realized he was racially harassing his Black neighbors, WESH reported. Dragon is accused of trying to break into the Black family’s home and hurling racial slurs at them.

“This is like the tenth time we’ve called the police on him,” the neighbor is heard telling police on body camera video.

The neighbor captured cellphone footage from Tuesday night when Dragon woke the family out of their sleep, kicking on the front door while shouting threats and the N-word.

“I’ll burn your (expletive) house down!” Dragon said.

The neighbor says Dragon was in a rage and threatening his family’s lives.

“He threatened to kill me and my daughter,” the neighbor told police.

After hearing the racial slurs Dragon said at the family, police enhanced his charges.

“When it turns into racial incidents like that and comments and threats, then it’s at a higher level where we won’t tolerate anything like that,” a Daytona Beach officer said.

Dragon also caused damage to the family’s home when he kicked at their front door. The door’s handle and the entire door became loose, Click Orlando reported.

Dragon told police he was upset about a photo the neighbor posted online where he called Dragon a “child predator.” Even while talking to the police, Dragon said he was going to “burn down the house.”

Officers also say Dragon tried to flee the scene during the arrest and later kicked the inside of the patrol car doors.

He remains in police custody on charges of attempted burglary with assault/battery, resisting an officer without violence, and committing a first-degree felony with prejudice.

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