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What June 2022’s Astrology Means for Your Mind, Body & Spirit – SheKnows

Sometimes all we need to do is look at the cosmos to understand what the heck is going on with our world. Astrology is a perfect tool to help break down the current energies of our lives so we’re better equipped to lean into what’s happening rather than hide underneath our covers (which, truth be told, wasn’t a bad thing to do for the past two years). That being said, you might have noticed that things were a little wonky over the last few weeks when it came to communication and technology and exes coming back from the grave. You can thank Mercury retrograde for that.

The good news is, Mercury retrograde ended on June 3rd. But we’ve still got a couple retrogrades  — Saturn and Neptune — on the horizon this month. We’re also wrapping up the quick-paced energy of Gemini season (you might’ve noticed that since mid-May you suddenly want to do all the things — yeah, that’s the Gemini vibe) to settle into the more laidback and family-oriented season of Cancer. And then we’ve got two powerful new and full moons to help us set our intentions and manifest more abundance into our lives.

So for more info on how the cosmos will affect you this month, read on for more.

Mercury retrograde’s shadow will still have a hold on us for a while 

Mercury Retrograde ends on June 3rd, but astrologer Olivia DeGennaro, also known as the Spiritual Journalist, says don’t get too ahead of yourself when it comes to saying “buh-bye” to the little planet.

“As Mercury switches directions, the planet of communication takes a moment to gain speed again. This is called Mercury’s ‘shadow period’ and it lasts until June 18,” she says. “You could still run into a few tech glitches or communication issues for the next couple weeks. This is the time to start integrating all the ideas, realizations, and values you reviewed during the retrograde season.”

Saturn goes retrograde — time to revisit what rules mean to you

Saturn goes retrograde June 4 until October 22. According to DeGennaro, we won’t feel the effects as intensely as we do with Mercury because Saturn’s retrograde has a more subtle effect because it moves so much slower. “We can think of the next four-and-a-half months as an extended inspection of the ground we’re building off of,” she says. “We’ll be reviewing structures, systems, and the ways we are (or aren’t) disciplined. We could revisit old rules and review current laws or policies. Any blurry boundaries or faulty foundations will be revealed.”

It’s a very Gemini month – and we’re all living in it

June is a very Gemini month. Not only are we in Gemini season until June 21st, but Mercury enters the sign on the 13th and then Venus enters on 22nd. What will this all mean? Well, as we mentioned before, expect the pace to pick up.

“It might seem like a steady acceleration as more planets enter the sign of communication. When Mercury moves back into its home sign, the chatter reaches an all-time high,” says DeGennaro. “We’ll be especially busy and social as we approach the Summer Solstice on June 21. Venus in Gemini makes us want to be around friends and express our affection. The lines of communication will be open, but they could be a bit jammed up with how many people want to spark conversations!” Ooh la la! If you’re currently dating, DeGennaro says Venus’s journey through Gemini is a great opportunity to put yourself out there and play the field. “Test out a few different potential relationships! And if you’re already spoken for, this transit can help you discover new aspects of your partner’s personality.”

Neptune goes retrograde – expect to be shook

Neptune goes retrograde June 24 until Dec 3rd, which DeGennaro says will force us to pull back the curtain on the illusions we’ve been buying into.

“Deceptions could be revealed, both personally and collectively. But at the same time, Neptune is notorious for creating confusion, which is only compounded by its retrograde. Reality could seem a bit warped right now.” But don’t ring any alarms just yet as DeGennaro reminds us that Neptune goes retrograde every year. “We are often experiencing this transit without even realizing it.” Phew!

Cancer season wraps up the month on June 22 with family and friends

We finish off June in the sign of the nostalgic and family-oriented crab. “Cancer season is a wonderful time to be around the people we hold dearest and get back to our roots,” says DeGennaro. “It’s no wonder so many people plan camping trips and family BBQs around this time of year. As the temperatures heat up, our tender emotions rise too. We’re more sentimental, compassionate, and nurturing. Cancer is the sign of the mother, so you could find yourself tending to a project or creating a safe haven for loved ones.”

The Full and New Moons lay the groundwork of a magical summer

The Full Moon lands in Sagittarius on June 14, which, according to DeGennaro, ushers in summer fun! “Just a few days before the Summer Solstice, we can expect some big celebrations. The full moon is a time of gratitude, and Sagittarius is one of the most generous signs. This is a time to share in your abundance and call more of it in! And definitely have a little fun at the same time!”

Then two weeks later, the New Moon occurs in Cancer, which DeGennaro says will feel like a new beginning for our home or family. “This is a great time to set intentions about how you want your environment to feel. Home improvement season is in full swing! But it’s not just about renovating our physical homes– this new moon is a time to check in with your true feelings and build a life that’s nourishing for your soul.”

Take the time to check in with what you want to create in your home life — a new home, a family, a new plant baby? — and put that out there to the Universe, and see what the rest of the summer has in store for you.

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