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There’s Not $86 Worth of Awesome In Pat Mcgrath Divine Skin Rose 001 The Essence

Pat Mcgrath Divine Skin Rose 001 The Essence dropped this month and Tiktok is going crazy recommending it to me, my mother, my grandmother, and my great, great twice removed grandmother. I do so love a good viral Tiktok moment that makes me do a mental eye roll. That rolling action where my eyes end up in the back of my skull.

Now, I’m all about admitting the idea of Pat Mcgrath Skincare had me giddy in excitement. Pat Mcgrath is a goddess and a master at her craft but Divine Skin Rose 001 The Essence just isn’t it for me. If Mother releases an eye cream I’m on it like a fly on…well, you know. And yeah, I’d probably jump first and ask questions about the price later on if she does.

But I wasn’t as quick to jump on the Divine Skin Rose 001 The Essence. It’s 3.38 oz in size and $86 bucks and it really doesn’t contain anything to get too hyper about. This formula isn’t even bringing the Hyaluronic Acid. There’s some Ceramide here, some squalane but eh, nothing worth $86 bucks in my opinion. There’s also Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil which is a nice little source of Vit C but it’s pretty far down the list of ingredients.

There’s also some Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract which has some antioxidant benefits but there’s also, rose fragrance to deal with which may or may not be an issue for sensitive users.

In really bad form the marketing on this reads “Breakthrough Bi-Phase Technology”. Guys, a bi-phase essence isn’t breakthrough by any means. It’s supposed to smooth, soften, hydrate, rebalance, and provide a luminous glow. It works “overtime to clinically boost moisture and help replenish the skin barrier”.

No hate on Pat. I worship the ground she walks on but as far as skincare goes this first venture into the category isn’t terribly promising.

I’m disappointed.

Are you?

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