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The Three Most Upgraded Stocks You Can Buy Now 

These Are The Stocks The Analysts Are Most Interested In

When it comes to investing, following the money is always a good bet. As good as a company is, as undervalued as it may be, as big and safe as the dividend is if the market isn’t interested the price action in shares prices will wallow. That’s why following the analysis sentiment in stocks is a good indication of turning points, when the analysis sentiment is changing it can have a profound impact on the flow of money into, or out of, a stock. Today we’re looking at the three most upgraded stocks from the Q1 2022 earnings reporting season. These stocks are riding waves of positive sentiment that are fueled by secular trends that we see driving the share prices even higher. – MarketBeat

Airbnb Is At The Nexus Of Travel Trends 

Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) and its vast network of services is at the nexus of travel and hospitality trends today. On the one hand, we have people who either still want to distance or have gotten used to the AirBNB lifestyle while on the other, the travel industry is anticipating a very strong summer this year indeed. That’s why the company received 24 positive commentaries over the past 90 days and why new analysts are initiating coverage. The consensus rating edged up to a firm Hold-verging-on-Buy from firm Hold in the last 30 days but the price target has edged a bit lower. The consensus price target, however, is still 68% above the current price action and trending higher in the 3 and 12-month comparisons. 

“The travel recovery that began in 2021 has accelerated into Q1 2022. Despite global headwinds in the quarter, Nights and Experiences Booked surpassed pre-pandemic levels and exceeded 100 million for the first time ever, demonstrating strong global demand for travel.” said Airbnb in its earnings release. 
The Three Most Upgrades Stocks You Can Buy Now 

EOG Resources A Well-Positioned Play On Energy 

EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG) is a “small-cap” energy play (compared to big boys like Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM)) but one that is well-positioned in Texas and the Caribbean. The company has received 21 positive commentaries in the last 90 days and that is saying something because it has 22 analysts with current coverage. They rate the stock a firm Buy and the sentiment is edging higher. The consensus price target, however, is only about 10% above the recent price action but it too is trending higher. The high price target is more in line with our view of the stock and implies about 34% of upside. The last 11 commentaries, it should be noted, all came with a price target above the consensus. 

Raymond James is the most recent to issue commentary on the stock and analysts there upgrade it to a Strong Buy. They did not alter their $170 price target, the 2nd highest on Wall Street, but did say they saw an opportunity for greater than 40% upside to that target. That works out to about $238 per share or just shy of 100% upside. 
The Three Most Upgrades Stocks You Can Buy Now 

Occidental Petroleum Gets Upgraded, Too … 

Occidental Petroleum (NYSE: OXY) has been in the news because of Warren Buffet but that’s not all the company has going for it. Not only is it a well-positioned vertically integrated global energy play but the analysts are upgrading it as well. The company has received 20 analyst updates in the last 90 days and comes with a price target comparable to EOG Resources. The consensus price target is only mid-single-digits above the price action but leading it higher in the 30, 90, and 365-day comparisons. The high price target is among the most recent set and the trend in that figure is higher as well. 
The Three Most Upgrades Stocks You Can Buy Now 

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