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The Joy of Knitting | AD — From Roses

why knitting?

I can’t say I’ve ever been a naturally crafty person but it’s always a skill that I’ve admired. Being able to create something beautiful from just one or two things is such an amazing skill to have and I’m so happy that I’ve finally begun to master it. Not only is it awesome to be able to create something yourself but there is undeniably something more special about taking the time to make something rather than buy it and even though it might not be absolutely perfect that’s what makes it even more unique.

For me, as I mentioned earlier I chose to learn how to knit when I wasn’t feeling too amazing mentally and wanted something to challenge and really distract me. As soon as I start to click those needles together I find my brain slows down and I can focus on what is in front of me which is something I so often find myself struggling with. Seeing the yarn come together into whatever I’m making fills me with so much joy and before I know it I feel so much better.

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