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The 4 Best Workout Classes to Keep You Moving | fitness and more

The 4 Best Workout Classes to Keep You Moving

Do you need help sticking to a gym routine? You’re not alone! Group fitness might just be the answer you’ve been looking forWith the holidays quickly approaching and temptation rising, we’ve compiled our list of the best workout classes to keep you moving and motivated all year long.   


Zumba is an all-time favorite. It’s a fun, energetic dance class designed for people of all ages and skill levels. With lively Latin music, you’ll be sure to break a sweat in no time. You’ll love this dance party so much, you’ll likely forget you’re actually working outAsk a friend to join or make new ones. Friends who sweat together, stay together!  


Boxing is not just a great workout for your core muscle group, but it’s also great cardio. Your local gym may offer a boxing or cardio kickboxing class or check out specialty boxing gyms in your area. It’s also safe way to relieve stress after a long day! 


Although inspired by ballet, you don’t need to be a graceful ballerina to try this one. Barre combines ballet like moves with strength training techniques similar to Pilates and yoga. In addition to strengthening your muscles and helping you keep the extra weight off, barre also helps improve posture and your overall health.  


Spin class is so much more than riding a stationary bike to loud music. The instructors are enthusiastic and always eager to help newcomersDespite all the hype of the Peloton bike that’ll likely end up collecting dust in your basement, spin class is still the way to go. Much like other group exercise, spin class offers camaraderie and a little friendly competition that you can’t find at home alone with your dog. Make yourself that yummy but protein packed breakfast and try a spin class near you! 

Since this class requires equipment, be sure to check with the gym to see if you need to reserve your spot. Some gyms want a headcount 15 minutes beforehand to make sure they have enough bikes for everyone.  

Want to find workout classes in your area? Don’t belong to a gym? ClassPass is a great way to enjoy the benefits of group exercise without a full gym membership. ClassPass is an app where you can search for group classes in your area and join on the spot. It works off a point system so you only pay for the passes you purchase. No more wasted money on a monthly gym membership you don’t use! 

Need a little extra motivation? At Nashua Nutrition, we’re here to help. Check back for more workout and weight loss tips!  

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