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Sweet Tooth by Sabrina Carpenter Had Me Asking Who’s Sabrina Anyway?

Hello, my name is Isabella and I live under a rock and recently had to Google “who is Sabrina Carpenter?” when I purchased a bottle of Sweet Tooth Eau de Parfum a few weeks ago. Sorry, I had no idea who she was but I liked the idea of a sweet perfume so, hey, here we are. I hate to say it but not knowing who she was made me feel incredibly old. Turns out she’s a singer and she has a lovely voice but yeah, I’m still in the dark over here. Welcome to old age. Enjoy your stay.

Anyway….the only reason this popped onto my radar was that I was purchasing Dolly Parton new perfumes and Sweet Tooth by Sabrina Carpenter happened to be available at the same online store. I read the notes and was like, yup, you’re coming home with me.

This fragrance comes housed in a slim, pink bottle that looked like a chocolate bar. I dunno how many of you remember this but Makeup Revolution did a line of I Heart Revolution Fragrances that had a very similar bottle design and also, some of their eyeshadow palettes come in a cute chocolate bar-shaped palette like Sweet Tooth! I snagged the 2.5 oz bottle which set me back $35 as it was on sale at 30% but the original retail is $50. I’d say it was more along the lines of $29.99-$30 fragrance due to the weak silage. It’s very cute, I’d likely purchase it again, but I do wish it was a smidge cheaper.

This is a very Pink Sugar-like fragrance with that sweet, sugary lightly burnted caramel smell going on. It also reminds me of Truly Beauty’s Unicorn Fruit Eau de Parfum. However, it isn’t a dupe but more of a cousin of that scent. It has opening notes of bergamot, candied ginger, and chocolate marshmallow with a heart of jasmine petals, coconut milk, and vanilla. And it sets and dries down to notes of cashmere woods, chantillly cream, and sugared musk.

My nose isn’t experienced enough to capture all those notes above. To me I get an opening of light chocolate and burnted sugar note that smells like caramel. As it settles into my skin and dries down I get a fluffy vanilla note mixed with a beautiful sugary layer. It’s a little cotton candy mixed up with a fruity element and a warm light woodiness. It’s very pretty, very feminine, very girlish and princessy. More sophisicated noses might call it juvenile. I call it fun!

I do have to hose myself down with this for it to last. I’ve been layering ith with Truly Unicorn Fruit Body Butter or EOS Vanilla Cashmere Body Lotion which gets it to last a lot longer. The silage creates a very light scent bubble that doesn’t linger terribly long but applying lotions helps considerably to get a better throw and longer wear from the fragrance!

If you like Pink Sugar and toothachingly sweet fragrances I think you’ll get on famously with Sweet Tooth by Sabrina Carpenter.

Have you tried Sweet Tooth? Do share your thoughts on it!

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