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Summer Workout Plan Burn180 – Fitness Gurls Magazine

Time to get that summer bod in order which means we need to start amplifying your HIIT Workouts to lean out here is a solid workout you can do to break a sweat and get toned! 




  • Standing Row: While standing tall with feet separated apart knees slightly bent.  Hold onto two handles on the burn 180 resistance bands and row by pulling the shoulder blades back and pinching mid-back together.  Rep it out for 15 reps! 
  • Core palof press walkouts: Warm up the core by standing sideways to one resistance band.  Grasp one handle with 2 hands and press out away from your body.  Hold that position by engaging your core.  Take 3 side steps out away from the resistance and 3 steps back.  Repeat 8x on each side. 
  • Unilateral chest press:  Using one resistance band from the burn 180.  Face away from the plate.  Have the elbow 45 degrees to the side of the body and push the band out to the opposing hand squeezing the chest together, slowly returning the resistance back to starting position. Repeat 15x on each side.  
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Circuit: 2 rounds (Beginner), 4 Rounds (Advanced)

  • Jump switch Lunges with Row Holds 30”: While holding 2 bands pull the band and lock your. Elbows at your side while squeezing shoulder blades down and back together.  Start with the right leg in front in a lunge while making sure to keep both legs at 90 degrees.  Jump up and switch to the opposite leg forward, keep repeating for 30”.  If unable to do so switch legs without the jump.
  • Rest 45” 
  • Lunge Holds with Alternating Row 30”: Hold a good lunge position with the front knee over the ankle, and back knee under the hip (90 degrees).  Row one arm back with the other arm extended in front.  Alternate the row for 30 seconds and switch legs repeat 30 seconds.  If unable to do so, hold for a shorter duration on each side! 
  • Rest 45” 
  • Squat Jumps with band Pull Backs 30” (Lat Pull Jumps):  Start in a good squat position with butt back and knees not in front of toes.  Stay low with arms extended holding 2 bands.  Jump straight up and pull the band back towards you with straight arms palms facing backward like you are doing a Lat pull down.  Land back in a squat with the arms extended in front again and repeat! 
  • Rest 2 minutes and Repeat!

Circuit 2: 2 Rounds (All with Burn 180 Waist Belt) (Beginner), 4 Rounds (Advanced)

  • Side Shuffle cone touches 30” Rest 30” other side 30”: Attach one band to the Burn 180 Belt loop.  Set up a cone roughly 5 ft from your starting position.  Shuffle laterally to the cone squat down and touch the cone.  Return to starting position-controlled without letting the resistance pull you! Repeat 30” on each side. 
  • Rest 45” 
  • Run in Place (High Knees) 30”: Keep chest tall, begin to run in place with high knees pumping the arms.  Keep the intensity high for 30”! 
  • Rest 45” 
  • Broad Jumps with back peddles 30”:  Start in a tall position with arms overhead, drop down into a squat with arms down and back… Jump forward as far as you can land with good form making sure your knees don’t collapse inwards in a proper squat.  Be sure to use one resistance band and belt for this one with the resistance directly behind the tailbone! 30” then rest! 
  • Rest 2 minutes and repeat

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