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Russia-Ukraine live news: Kyiv says forces make gains in key city | Russia-Ukraine war News

  • Ukrainian forces have recaptured around 20 percent of territory lost in the city of Severodonetsk, the head of the eastern region of Luhansk says.
  • Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says Russia will continue its military operation in Ukraine until all its goals have been achieved.
  • UN aid chief Martin Griffiths “had frank and constructive discussions” with Russian officials on facilitating exports of Ukraine grain from Black Sea ports, a UN spokesman says.
  • Russia says it plans to summon the heads of US media outlets in Moscow next week to notify them of tough measures in response to US curbs against Russian media.
(Al Jazeera)

Here are all the latest updates:

Ukraine’s Defence Minister thanks army, asks for more arms

Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov has called on allies to continue to arm Ukraine after “100 days of resistance, bravery and fortitude.”

“I want to thank our military, volunteers and the entire Ukrainian nation,” Reznikov said in a tweet.

“We appreciate the support of our foreign partners & ask for reinforcement of arms supply, artillery & MLRS, aircraft & air defence systems. Let’s win this war!”

Ukraine war ‘aggravating’ existing global food crisis, UN warns

As the cost of food soars around the world, the United Nations warns that the war in Ukraine risks aggravating inflating prices and causing a full-on global food crisis.

Luca Russo, the FAO’s lead analyst for food crises, told Al Jazeera that as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sends energy prices higher, the cost of delivering aid has increased as well. The risk of a severe food crisis is particularly felt in the developing world, he warned.

Read more here.

Russia summoning heads of US media outlets

Russia’s foreign ministry has said it plans to summon the heads of US media outlets in Moscow to a meeting next Monday to notify them of tough measures in response to US restrictions against Russian media.

“If the work of the Russian media – operators and journalists – is not normalised in the United States, the most stringent measures will inevitably follow,” ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. “To this end, on Monday, June 6, the heads of the Moscow offices of all American media will be invited to the press centre of the Russian Foreign Ministry to explain to them the consequences of their government’s hostile line in the media sphere.”

A spokesperson for the US State Department said Washington supports access to media and the internet for Russians, who are being subjected to censorship by their own government.

Washington has imposed sanctions against the most highly-viewed state-run Russian TV stations, accusing them of spreading disinformation to bolster Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Waning interest online in Ukraine war: Axios

After 100 days, the war in Ukraine has seen a significant drop in interest online, Axios has reported, citing a study conducted by social media monitoring platform NewsWhip.

According to the report, news articles on the Ukraine war have decreased to 70,000 this week from 520,000 articles in the first week of the war.

The figures also showed a 22-fold decrease in social media interactions on news articles published about Ukraine. According to the report, there were 4.8 million likes, comments and reshares this week of articles about the war, down from 109 million interactions the first week.

Putin blames West for food, energy crises

Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed the West for emerging global food and energy crises and repeated his government’s offers of safe passage for ships exporting grain from Ukraine if mines are removed from the waters.

“Of course, we are now seeing attempts to shift the responsibility for what is happening on the world food market, the emerging problems in this market, onto Russia,” he told Russian TV, as reported by the state-run TASS news agency. “I must say that this is an attempt, as our people say, to shift these problems from a sick to a healthy head.

Putin also said Western sanctions against Russia would only worsen world markets – reducing the harvest and driving up prices.

Ukraine has retaken about 20 percent of territory lost in Severodonetsk

Ukrainian forces have recaptured around 20 percent of the territory they lost in the city of Severodonetsk during fighting with Russia, the head of the eastern region of Luhansk has said.

“Whereas before the situation was difficult, the percentage (held by Russia) was somewhere around 70 percent, now we have already pushed them back by approximately 20 percent,” Serhiy Gaidai told national television.

Gaidai said the Russians were shelling Ukrainian positions for hours and then advancing, only to be driven back by defenders who had not been hurt, before repeating the pattern.

Welcome to Al Jazeera’s continuing coverage of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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