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Russia-Ukraine live news: EU blames Moscow for food crisis | Russia-Ukraine war News

European Council president says Russia is preventing the export of Ukrainian grain and using food as ‘stealth missile’.

  • European Council President Charles Michel says Russia’s blocking of food exports from Ukraine is “pushing people into poverty and destabilising entire regions”.
  • US authorities are pushing to seize two luxury jets linked to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich after a judge approved the move.
  • UN official Pramila Patten says the “unprecedented” displacement of millions of Ukrainians is “turning into a human trafficking crisis”.
  • At least 32 journalists have been killed in Ukraine since Russia’s war began, Ukraine’s culture and information policy minister says.
[Al Jazeera]

Here are the latest updates:

Russia handing over bodies of Ukrainian fighters from Mariupol

Russia has begun turning over the bodies of Ukrainian fighters killed at the Azovstal steelworks, the fortress-like plant in the destroyed city of Mariupol.

Dozens of the dead taken from the bombed-out mill’s now Russian-occupied ruins have been transferred to Kyiv, where DNA testing is underway to identify the remains, according to both a military leader and a spokeswoman for the far-right Azov Regiment.

Top EU official says Russia alone to blame for food crisis

European Council President Charles Michel has accused Russia of using food supplies as “a stealth missile against developing countries” and blamed the Kremlin for a looming global food crisis, prompting Moscow’s UN ambassador to walk out of a Security Council meeting.

Michel addressed Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia directly at a council meeting, saying he saw millions of tonnes of grain and wheat stuck in containers and ships at the Ukrainian port of Odessa a few weeks ago “because of Russian warships in the Black Sea”.

He said Moscow’s attacks on Ukraine’s transport infrastructure and grain storage facilities, as well as its tanks, aerial bombings and mines, are preventing Ukraine from planting and harvesting.

“This is driving up food prices, pushing people into poverty and destabilising entire regions,” Michel said. “Russia is solely responsible for this looming food crisis.”

US moves to seize jets owned by Russian billionaire Abramovich

US authorities are pushing to seize two luxury jets linked to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich after a federal magistrate judge signed a warrant approving the move.

“Today’s action reflects the global scope of the United States’ response to illegal Russian aggression in Ukraine,” said Andrew C Adams, who is leading a task force in the US Justice Department targeting Russian oligarchs.

One of the planes is believed to have been in Moscow since March 15, according to a Justice Department affidavit. The other, meanwhile, is believed to be in Dubai following a round-trip flight from the United Arab Emirates to Russia, the affidavit said.

The jets are worth more than $400m, the Justice Department said.

UN official: Russia’s invasion ‘turning into human trafficking crisis’

UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence Pramila Patten has said the “unprecedented” displacement of millions of Ukrainians following Russia’s invasion is “turning into a human trafficking crisis”.

“Women and children fleeing the conflict are being targeted for trafficking and exploitation – in some cases facing further exposure to rape and other risks while seeking refuge,” Patten told the UN Security Council.

No change in posture of US embassy in Kyiv: State Department

There has been no change in US Embassy posture in Kyiv, the State Department has said after Russian missiles hit the Ukrainian capital for the first time in more than a month.

The US embassy in Kyiv resumed operations last month, nearly three months after removing its diplomats and suspending work there over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Read all the updates from Monday, June 6 here.

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