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Nutrition for Mental Health and Eating Disorders in Youth

Important Message for Students, Schools, Teachers, Coaches and Parents

Our practice and team of Dietitians see firsthand the impact of mental health and eating disorders on kids, adolescents and their families.  Since the pandemic eating disorders have drastically risen and we’ve seen greater challenges with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns with so many of our clients. 

It was a huge honour to be interviewed for the High Performing Educator Podcast with Sam Demma to talk about: 

  • the connection of nutrition for mental health in kids and youth 
  • explore food for your brain, learning, health and mental health  
  • what to do if you know someone may be struggling with an eating disorder 
  • share resources on nutrition for mental health and eating disorders 

Listen to my interview on nutrition for mental health and prevention of eating disorders in youth here:

I had the opportunity to hear Sam speak virtually on the main stage at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and he knocked it out of the park! It was my favourite session at the event. I was profoundly moved by his message both personally and for how I think about my business. Speaking to professional speakers is a tough audience but I can tell you Sam speaks from the heart and although he is only 22 years old, he has a message you need to hear.  My 11 year old son was inspired by his TED talk – watch this with your kids here:  Small Consistent Actions. 

Looking for a Dietitian that would understand how to help you? We can help.

If you are seeking support to help prevent and discourage eating disorders in youth we can help.

We have Eating Disorder Dietitians on our team that can help provide you with the confidential supportive care to meet you where you are at and work with you to progress recovery at a pace you can manage.

We also work collaboratively with your physician and therapist to ensure we are helping you move forward with the right type of support needed to assist you.

Want to learn more about Nutrition and Mental Health?

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