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MarketBeat Podcast: Buy, Sell or Hold

Kate Stalter welcomes back MarketBeat contributor Chris Markoch. Chris is a regular visitor to the Marketbeat Podcast and brings a keen eye for the characteristics of leading stocks. Is the market telling us that premium brands, with a competitive advantage, are worth higher valuations? – MarketBeat

What is the forecast for NKE? Why does Chris see strength in this stock?

Are analysts rethinking their price targets on some of these premium brands with growth characteristics?

What is the consensus price target on NKE?

Are athletic clothing makers trading somewhat in tandem?

How will Starbucks employees’ unionization efforts affect that company’s stock?

Despite all the naysayers, why does Starbucks continue performing well, over time?

How do the analysts view the stock?

Are rising gas prices resulting in a sales boom for electric vehicles?

Is a slower growth theme affecting shares of Chinese EV maker NiO?

How is Nio developing its own solution to the question of EV battery charging?

How does NIO’s business case differ from Tesla’s?

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