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Make Ahead Sweet Potato Breakfast Burrito Recipe — Registered Dietitian Columbia SC

Last year, we did manage to do one trip – a visit to Yosemite with Scott’s sister Caroline, her husband Neil, and our nephew Mason. We did it as safely as possible, quarantining 2 weeks and testing in advance, staying in our bubble once we got there, and quarantining after. We were super privileged to be able to have that opportunity, and also incredibly grateful.

So we could stay inside our little bubble, we rented out a house right outside of the park, where we did all our cooking. Since Caroline and her family live just a couple hours away in California, they did the grocery shopping and we cooked fun dinners together every night – yummy things like a cheesy sausage and gnocchi skillet, filet, baked potatoes and salad, and falafel and hummus skillets. For lunch, we packed picnics of cheese, crackers, smoked salmon, chips and grapes to enjoy at our favorite spot by the river. And for breakfast, we had the absolute BEST make ahead breakfast burritos by Neil.

For ages, breakfast burritos have been my go to for a satisfying breakfast when I don’t have time to make anything at the house. However, I’ve always done them courtesy of Amy’s and a 5 minute run to Earth Fare on my way to work. Now, Amy’s breakfast burritos are pretty dope (as are Sweet Earth and Red’s), but Neil’s were like 1000% better. He has perfected the art of the breakfast burrito – probably because he eats them every single morning for breakfast!

His perfect breakfast burritos inspired me to revisit my make ahead sweet potato breakfast burritos, which were tasty, but could use a good upgrade! While admittedly they’re not as perfect as Neil’s (cut me a little slack – I haven’t made them almost every morning for like 7 years), they are pretty darn good. They’re stuffed with skillet sweet potatoes, peppers, onion and bacon, creamy scrambled eggs, fresh cilantro and sharp cheddar cheese, then cooked in the skillet for a crispy exterior and warm, melty insides.

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