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If You Wanna Rediscover The Joys of Fun, Bold Shades of Eyeshadow Here’s The Palette You Need

A few weeks ago I walked into the evil empire because I needed to see if they had Dawn Gain Scented Power Blast because Target was refusing to get it. I wouldn’t say I like the fact I was going to Target every day because I wanted a new dish soap. I felt like it was just too adult a thing for me to do and we all know I’m simply not an adult.

But here I was stalking Target shelves on the daily because I needed to try a new dish soap. Sigh. I’m such a sad case.

In all seriousness, Dawn Power Blast is freaking awesome! And a Gain scented one sounded awesome. Sadly, Target never did get it which meant it was time to strap on my saber and head to the Death Star to grab a bottle. Lucky enough they had a bottle and I quickly popped two popped them into my cart and was on my way. But wait, what’s that in the middle of the aisle! It was a big old Wet n Wild x Care Bears display that was pretty much stripped down. Why Wet n Wild was making an appearance in a middle aisle where Glade, Dishwasher Soap, and Toilet Paper was is beyond me but ok.

Was I drawn to it? No. Surprisingly, I wasn’t. Several years ago it would have been my dream come true collection but I’ve turned into such a boring makeup girl that prefers nudes over bold, colorful shades lately. But as I passed I saw the Wet N Wild Care Bears Caring Counts Palette…….one single palette! That was it. Not much was left on the display but that single palette was calling out to me. It had bright purples, shimmery golds, and pops of aqua and blue. All shades I haven’t worn in a very long time. I picked it up, I stared at it, and without thinking much I popped it into my cart.

And that changed my life….

It really has been years since I embraced bold shades of color but I swear I had SO much fun with this palette that it completely changed my outlook on playing with color again. I was doing bold purple looks, crazy shimmery aqua looks, and sunny orange and gold looks. I really did have a blast with this thing and I’m still enjoying it at the moment!

I enjoyed it so much that it sort of changed my makeup outlook and I find myself shopping for more colorful shades lately. Everything that ends up in my cart the last few weeks has been really fun, funky colors! I’ve been wearing bright shades of pink, orange, yellow, blue, aqua, and purple! And I gotta admit I’m having a blast with it.

I stopped wearing bolder shades because I felt like it emphasized my finer lines and puffiness but really, it’s not that bad at all and much of it was in my head. So, this Summer, I’m enjoying all these fun shades!

What sorts of shades have your eye for Summer looks?

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