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If This is Your First New Year Not Setting a Weight Loss Resolution — Registered Dietitian Columbia SC

While there’s a lot of letting go, and even loss that comes when you decide to quit dieting, letting go also means you’re creating space. Space for hobbies, new or strengthened relationships, personal development, learning new skills, the pursuit of REAL health, relaxation and fun.

If this is your first year not setting a weight loss resolution and you’re experiencing some mixed emotions, as you’re reflecting on this coming year, perhaps it would be helpful to consider what quitting dieting creates more space for in your life? What have you been missing by putting mental and physical energy towards shrinking your body? Where could you put that energy instead? I hope you find it reassuring looking at the list you’ve come up with! Feel free to share in the comments below. If you’re the resolution or intention or yearly word or whatever setting type, how could you incorporate these values you identify?

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