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I Missed Memorial Day Sales and That’s Ok!

Wakey wakey friends!

How are you? Due to recent events, I decided to take a brief break. Work has been pretty busy for me but also, I thought it was rather tone-deaf to speak about makeup, beauty, and sales when there was so much sadness going on. The recent shooting was heartbreaking (and so soon after the one here in New York), and talking about makeup didn’t feel right.

I also decided I wanted to take a break from social media for a bit. I noticed I was getting upset and even angered by things I was seeing going on across social and I was like, wait, what? I need to take a step back from this because why am I letting it bother me like this? Not to mention it got to a point I was bickering a bit with a very good friend about it and that’s simply not us. Over a year of knowing her I never once experienced that. It was a sign I needed to rethink how I was approaching things. I haven’t completely left it but I’m just engaging a lot less because I needed to refresh myself.

I missed posting Memorial Day Sales and although I’m almost always away for the weekend I still normally post the sales every year. This year, it just didn’t feel right to post a bunch of sales. It felt incredibly insensitive to slap up a bunch of posts about makeup and sales with parents mourning their children. I don’t have children personally so, I can’t say I know what it feels like. I can say it made my heart sick for the parents and families involved.

I hope this post finds you well.

Today I’ll make an attempt to jump back into beauty because beauty is a great escape and I hope you’ll join me for a brief time or two to just enjoy beautiful things without worrying about the chaos of the world.

Continue being the good humans I know you are.

You got this!

And if you need a break, it’s ok to take a break. From life, from social media, from watching the news…whatever it is. It’s ok to take a breather.

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