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How Past Challenges Can Lead To A Happier Present

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Challenges are a normal part of human experiences. Some may have had a problematic past, but they don’t let those troubles ruin their present. Instead, they rise above the chaos and live a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Past challenges can either make or break a person. On the positive side, you have the power to change your present no matter how difficult you’ve been through in the past. You can even use those problems to cultivate happiness within you. 

To look on the brighter side of things, here’s how past challenges can lead you to a happier present. 

They Increase Your Feelings Of Gratitude 

Getting through the toughest challenges in life makes you grateful as you overcome them. It makes you more appreciative of the simple things that make you smile. It’s like the relief that comes right after the storm you just survived. 

Gratitude is one key ingredient to genuine happiness. When you’re thankful even for the simplest things in life, like the sunlight in the morning and the smell of coffee, everything else falls into its proper place. It’s easier to smile and look at the bright side, knowing you’ve already defeated the darkness. 

Some people believe that overcoming difficulties in life comes with a reward in the future or the next lifetime. It’s like winning a prize after finishing the most challenging race. The harder it was to win, the bigger the reward. You become stronger and more grateful for what you’ve been through. 

Also, getting a glimpse of your past can help you appreciate your present even more. That said, you may take this past life karma calculator to give you a hint of your past. 

They Improve How You Respond To Problems 

Experiencing difficult challenges teaches you what works and what doesn’t. Since problems are meant to be resolved, you should never stop trying to find the best solutions. Sometimes, it can take hundreds of trials and errors until you finally discover how to solve them. 

Remember that how you respond to problems in your past and present may affect your happiness. When you view challenges with nothing but anger and frustration, it’s easy to spiral down to anxiety and deep sadness. On the other hand, seeing challenges as an opportunity to grow lets you nurture the positive amidst the negatives. 

When you’ve already conquered the most challenging problems in life, you’ll know when to fight and when to rest. You know exactly how to respond, especially if you’ve already encountered that issue before. It would be easy for you to handle adversity without losing hope. 

They Teach You Self-Control 

Some believe that happiness is a choice. However, it’s not as simple as choosing chocolate ice cream over vanilla. Happiness is more than just a feeling but a complex emotion that you can only achieve once you’ve achieved a specific state of mind. 

The self-control that comes with resolving conflicts is one of the keys to a happier life. It involves acknowledging pain, hardship, sadness, and frustration and letting them flow through you. Instead of repressing negative emotions, you have to feel and welcome them, then let go. It’s a skill you can achieve through mindfulness. 

Self-control makes you more powerful as the master of your sea of emotions. It’s like knowing how to respond to strong and light winds. You know when to lower the sail when to stay guarded, and when to sleep through knowing you’re safe.

They Boost Your Confidence 

Past challenges equip you with stronger determination and self-confidence. Whenever you face problems in the present, you can always remind yourself how you’ve overcome more challenging ones in the past. 

Confidence comes with self-appreciation. Acknowledging how capable you are can make you more joyful despite the difficulties. You’ll start believing that you’re strong enough and you can overcome whatever comes your way. You can let that pride empower you to create happiness wherever you are. 

Boosting your self-confidence can make you happier. You become more self-aware and more willing and capable of persevering. You’ve already overcome the most painful experiences in the past, so nothing can stop you from conquering more. 

They Make You More Resilient 

Those who have fought difficult battles in life can later find it easier to stand up. They become more resilient. They don’t give up easily since their past challenges have strengthened them with the ability to cope better. 

Each individual develops a coping mechanism for different experiences. Even the most challenging obstacles can’t break you when you face them with hope and resilience. You may cry, rest, and stand up with a smile on your face. Happiness becomes an unbreakable state of mind that gives you hope during trials. 

Resilience is what keeps people hopeful amidst adversity. It fuels optimism even in the darkest situations. It’s like having the vision of a rainbow even during a storm. It brings relief, comfort, and joy. 

They Help You Empathise 

Empathy is a powerful human emotion. It enables one to feel whatever the other person is feeling. When someone you love is happy, you feel equally joyful for them. You’re open and vulnerable but stronger in your own way. 

Your challenges in the past can help you empathize with other people. When you know how it was to feel pain, you know how to comfort a loved one who’s going through the same situation. You become kind and understanding. 

Connection and communication with other people, especially those dear to you, bring happiness. Your past challenges help you empathize with them through fun and sad times. As your friendship and partnership strengthen, your happiness increases. 

They Equip You With Life-Saving Lessons 

Challenges can teach you many lessons you’ll hold on to for life. They strengthen your self-awareness and give you the ability to discover new solutions to problems you encounter in the present. 

One of the life-saving lessons you can learn from past difficulties is perseverance. No matter what’s in the way, you can keep going. You can create and protect your happiness and even share the joy with those around you despite facing challenging trials. You’re able to stand above your problems instead of drowning in them. 

What’s more meaningful is you can share the lessons you’ve learned with others. This way, they’ll have more ideas on coping with negativities and how to solve life problems. You’re creating a channel of hope, perseverance, and happiness for everyone around you. 


Past challenges can empower you to create a happier present. You can view those battles as a remembrance of your strength and a shield to get through the present with an optimistic perspective in facing whatever comes your way.

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