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How Do You Feel About Cursing in Makeup Reviews?

Serious question. When you watch a Tiktok or a youTube video of your favorite influencer reviewing makeup or doing a tutorial how do you feel about cursing? I can’t say I don’t curse. I’ve been known to drop an f bomb here and there but it’s rarely done on my blog (if ever).

I’ve noticed I’ve become quite conservative when it comes to cursing when I’m watching a review or makeup tutorial. I literally find it a little annoying, to be honest. There’s something about tuning in to my favorite influencer and hearing them immediately drop an F bomb that completely turns me off. I’m in no way a prude and quite liberal thinking but the excess cursing does my head in.

“This is f*cking amazing! I f*cking love this color this mother f*cking color is incredible! This applies so f*cking well!” Not mentioning anyone’s name here but I know of one influencer who literally drops f*ck about five to tens times in a really quick review. It’s sort of surreal and to a point, I can’t watch their stuff in a public setting. The other day I was at the dentist’s office waiting to be seen with about two patients in the waiting room plus the receptionist at the counter. So, of course, I’m like like let me waste some time on the Internet and tune into this influencer. I instantly got a little embarrassed as I had my volume on pretty low (I forgot my AirPods) and the first thing they said was “FUCK ME!” I mean, that’s how the review started and I mentally cringed as it was abnormally loud in such a silent setting. Of course, this is 100% my own fault as I should have my Airpods with me and in my ears but the volume was so low I thought I wouldn’t disturb anyone but yeah, that *F*CK ME!” was loud enough for me to slide down into my seat in embarrassment.

I started to tune out of younger influencers who use this language lately because it’s just too much at times. I think you can review a product or do your makeup without all the cursing. Granted, everyone is their own person, and sometimes cursing is just part of that person’s personality so, I don’t expect them to change for me by any means possible. I just think you can get your excitement and/or point across without excessive crude language. Drop an F bomb? Sure, go for it. But using the f word in every single sentence seems overkill.

What puzzles me most is some very high-end brands work with these influencers and I’m somewhat shocked the brands aren’t cringing at the use of “this f*cking amazing!” when describing their product.

What do you think?

Do influencers and makeup gurus use a little bit too much hard language?

Or are you fine with it?

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