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Frazzle and Aniploish: Wheel E15: Mostly Dark Green Shimmers

Today’s Nail Wheel Wednesday offering was supposed to be all dark green shimmers, but some of them surprised me by showing up lighter on the wheel than they looked in the bottle. Many of these lean toward blue green. I intended for all them to lean that way but that didn’t happen, either.


1. Zoya Akyra (3 coats)
2. Catrice Petropolitan (3) [I love the pops of blue in the shimmer]
3. Ulta Professional Kiss My Glass (3)
4. Dior 794 Samba (2)
5. Kiko Sun Pearl 428 River Green (2)
6. Pure Ice Be My Clover (3) [this brand did some really nice polishes; sad they’re not around now]
7. Color Club Metamorphosis (3)
8. Fresh Paint Dragon Lady (3) [very similar to 8]
9. Blackheart Beauty Sagittarius (2) [I guess this is textured? surprise!]
10. Blackheart Beayty Pisces (2) [this is my sign; I’m okay with this polish match]
11. Obessessive Compulsive Cosmetics Man By Man (2) [similar to 7 & 8, but darker]
12. Pantone Universe Evergreen (2)
13. L’Oreal The Muses Attitude (2) [I probably don’t need this and 12]
14. Zoya Chinoiserie Fantasy (2)
15. Bitzy Tip Toeing (2) [very similar to 14 but such a tiny bottle]
16. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Emerald Express (2)
17. Butter London Thames (3) [similar finish to 16 but definitely darker, definitely]
18. Ulta Don’t Pea-cocky (3) [nice pops of blue here, too]
19. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Jet Set Jade (2)
20. Ulta Envy (2)

(My apologies for the focus problems on these bottle shots. Apparently I had some issues that I didn’t notice at the time and now I’m typing this at home and the bottles are at my studio, which is at least a 20 minute drive one way down a snowy mountain road.)

Bottles 1 through 6:


7 through 11:


12 through 15:


16 through 20:










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