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Everything I Loved in Autumn — From Roses

fjällraven kanken 2.0 bag

I bought my first Kanken bag a few years ago and it’s my favourite backpack by far and I’d wanted a different colour for quite a while. I know they can be seen as one of those trendy and some might say hipster items but that still doesn’t take away from how nice they are. Instead of going for another one of the original Kankens, I went for the Kanken 2.0 in the dark garnet shade which has a few different details compared to the original. These subtle little changes like the leather logo, leather tabs, and the small seat pad all make a big difference I find in the way the bag not only looks but how it performs too. I find the Kankens great for the general outdoor activity I’m doing, we’re not super serious hikers by any means but generally walk around 5-8 miles with the dogs. If I want to take my camera, food, and a blanket this is more than adequate for that. I never have an issue with straps digging in either which I know can be a problem for some but I’ve always found it comfortable to wear all day. This is a waxed bag too meaning to maintain its waterproof nature it needs rewaxing maybe every year or so. I’ll probably do it the same time that I do my Barbour jackets as I find once a year works well for them.

brogini richmond boots

The quest for the perfect brown Chelsea style walking boot is one that has haunted me for years. I thought the Dr Marten Zillow Temperly boots were the ones for me but then only 7 months into owning them I started to have big issues with the zip constantly coming down whilst I was walking. So I returned them (you get a 2 year guarantee buying direct from Dr Marten) and the hunt continued. On my many trawls through the internet, I came across the brand Brogini, an equestrian brand. These boots were exactly what I’d been looking for but I was a little apprehensive as the sizing is a little odd, they only go down to a 4.5 UK size. Thankfully with a decent pair of socks they’re a perfect fit and they’re my dream boot and they’re wearing well so far. They’re incredibly comfortable and didn’t require any wearing in, I’d only had them a few days and managed to walk 10 miles in them and my feet didn’t ache at all. To keep the leather in good condition I use the Renapur Leather Balsam and that is by far the best leather care product I’ve found for boots.

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