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Escada Fairy Love Perfume Review

I’m starting a new series on the blog and it’s all about reviewing beauty, makeup, and perfume that I find at TJ Maxx. I’ve suddenly become a Maxxinista. I mean, the extent of my travels through TJ Maxx are normally to hunt out Rae Dunn but lately, I’ve been looking through the beauty section and no, I don’t trust those bottles of expired Vitamin C they are selling but I am impressed with some of the beauty department lately. I’ve found Guerlain, Morphe, Fenty, Pat Mcgrath, and a ton of other beauty brands.

I typically have a rather poor experience downstate with TJ Maxx as the stores closer to Manhattan are such a hot, chaotic mess with everything open and swatched. However, we have a Summer home further upstate and the stores there are pristine as are the makeup and other items they sell. This made it a heck of a lot easier browsing through their beauty offerings.

Guess what I found recently?

Escada Fairy Love Perfume! I didn’t even know this existed. Or maybe I did as I had a little sense of deja vu when I saw the box and thought perhaps I had read something about it on some perfume community or website.

Escada Fairy Love is a follow-up to the Escada Candy Love that launched for Valentine’s Day 2021. I really enjoyed Candy Love. It’s a sweet gourmand with notes of cherry and whipped cream. I had a hard time tracking it down when it launched but Kohl’s got it and I snagged a full-size bottle. As of now, it’s a little trickier to find as it was a limited edition but lucky enough has it on sale should you wish to try it.

As for Escada Fairy Love finding that might be harder. A seller on does have it available for $37. I located mine at TJMaxx for $30. It’s a 3.3 oz bottle and like Candy Love, it is limited edition. I thought it was a steal at $30 bucks as I paid quite a bit more for my bottle of Candy Love when it came out!

It comes in the same cute heart-shaped perfume bottle that Candy Love came in! It’s 3.3 oz in size just like Candy Love. However, it doesn’t smell a lot different which is refreshing. Sometimes when brands do follow-ups of fragrances they tend to have the same DNA as the original juice. This doesn’t have any of the same notes as the original.

It contains notes of Nashi Pear, Raspberry, Orange, Jasmine, and a base of Hazelnut. It’s a sweet, fruity scent that’s playful and fairly generic in the mainstream fragrance world. Basically, what I mean by that statement is the scent isn’t crazy unique and sort of smells a lot like many different sweet, fruity scents that celebs put out. I do believe Candy Love is the superior scent if you have to decide between the two perfumes. This doesn’t mean Fairy Love is bad by any means but it’s not unique or special.

That being said, if you find it at $30 bucks at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s I’d totally say buy it if you love sweet, fruity scents. It’s playful, it’s sweet, it’s fruity, and it’s fun for Summer wearing. I realize the hazelnut note sounds like it might make it warm but hazelnut isn’t even in the blend as far as my nose can tell. It’s supposed to be the main base and finally set of the scent but honestly, the fruity notes completely dominated and overtake it. There’s lots of sweet pear and fun raspberry here. They twist together and create a rather fun sweetness with a bit of orange in the background!

It’s delightfully sweet and fun. There’s nothing really incredible or amazing about it but it still manages to bring some juicy sweetness into my fragrance life. I’d re-buy it at this price point but not much more than that. It’s a nice little Summer scent!

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