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I’ve found myself recently looking for that perfect tool that will help me reach my goals. In a few easy steps, I created a stunning, inspiring vision board that I’m so excited to share! You can create one of your very own using the set of free printables that we included below. 

I have been wanting to add a vision board to our office for some time. I had seen some dreamy vision board setups in my travels over the years, and thought, hey I can do that! Below you will find all my tips and tricks along with some pretty printable labels to help you do the same. 

The best tool for the job? My new Canon PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Refillable Ink Printer. I could print thousands (literally 7700 colour prints) before needing to change the ink (yahoo!) and save over $2,000 in ink* –  I can be as creative as I want without breaking the bank. 

What is a Vision Board?

Vision boards are a visual tool that can help you plan for your future. It can display your dreams, hopes and goals! Whether for your professional or personal life, a vision board can be a productive exercise that helps you think creatively about all your life’s possibilities.

It’s also a fun arts and crafts project that allows you to see what your goals would look like once you achieve them. Say you want to book that trip you have been saving up for, you might put up pictures of your dream trip destination! Maybe you want to manifest a puppy into your life (ahem, I hope my husband sees this one), add it on there! Aspirations to get that promotion you have worked so hard for? Add in some images of what success means to you. There is something very powerful about having a true vision for what success looks like in front of you to aim for each and every day.

Free Vision Board Printables

The best place to start? Map out a framework for your vision board. Building out buckets based on what is most important to you is key, including things like: Health, Career, Travel, Family etc. I made my own which I have shared for you HERE. Simply print and cut them out as the perfect starting point. 


How to Make a Vision Board

To get started, you’ll need:

1. A board: Poster board, corkboard, or pinboard all work.

2. Tools:  Scissors, pins (or tape/glue if not using a pinboard), and a trusty colour printer (I used my Canon PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Printer). 

3. Media: You will need to source images, words, quotes that you want for your board. For this, a stack of your favorite magazines, some newspaper, or other media will do the trick. I used Pinterest, Canva and photos of my own for this! Don’t forget my free printables HERE

Now it is time to craft your vision board! 

The Printer I Use

This is the perfect type of DIY project if you have a great printer! This project (in my opinion) is best in colour, and for that you need a reliable printer. My small home business relies on our Canon PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Refillable Ink Printers to get things DONE.

From printing packing slips to fulfill orders, to printing recipes for a busy day cooking in the kitchen, to scanning receipts and documents, we use this printer every single day. The MegaTank keeps up with our busy business (and arts and craft days) because running out of ink just isn’t an option! It holds 30 times more ink that the standard printer cartridges and you can print 7,700 colour prints without needing any ink changes. Changing printer cartridges on repeat is now a thing of the past, which I’m thankful for since there was never a good time to deal with it.  Patience isn’t my strongest virtue my friends!

Do you still love having paper versions of things like me?  

Thank you to Canon Canada for sponsoring this blog. All opinions are my own!

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