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In March 2017, Jane Fonda did us all a serious favor: She brought sex toy jewelry into the mainstream. In a televised interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Fonda revealed that one of her favorite pieces of jewelry is actually a nipple vibrator disguised as a necklace. (Fonda explained that she’d sported the sensational piece on several occasions—usually out to dinner, depending on the restaurant and the company.) Though Fonda didn’t pioneer sex toy jewelry, she did effectively render it socially acceptable. I mean, if it’s good enough for Jane Fonda, it’s good enough for all of us—right?

The vibrator necklace Fonda loves is one of a number of wearable sex toys that have graced the market in recent years. And it’s also one of the lowest-key options on offer. A lot of wearable sex toys have their roots in BDSM; collars, cuffs and nipple clamps dominate the space. It’s far more common to see necklaces that double as harnesses than necklaces that double as nipple vibrators.

But over time, as sex toy jewelry has become more common — and more appropriate to discuss on daytime talk shows — beginner-friendly options are growing increasingly available (And the BDSM options are growing increasingly discreet.) Handcuffs are now adorned with beads and metallic chainmail. Leather harnesses are lined with gold details that leave them looking and feeling like jewelry. Necklaces offer homes to vibrators and metal whips in equal measure.

The best part of all of this is, of course, that these toys masquerade as genuinely chic accessories. Wearable sex toys are fun—and they open the door to new kinds of play. But they’re also cute enough to wear on the regular — and that alone is reason enough to consider them for your collection (or your jewelry box).

A version of this story was published November 2019.

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