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BHI in April – Kath Eats Real Food

Hello from Bald Head Island! Our favorite place to recharge. 

Spring Break at BHI In April

Spring Break is such a lovely time to come to Bald Head! It’s usually warm enough to spend lots of time outside, but not warm enough to swim. Always add a sweatshirt for your golf cart ride!

If you’re curious for more details about the island, check out this post I wrote last year: Traveling To Bald Head Island

Thomas, Birch and I came down on Friday. (Mazen is at Disneyland with his dad!) 

After months and months of talking about docks, pirates, and boats, guess who was thrilled to do his Jack Sparrow impression for the crowd!?

Made it to the Marsh

Unpacking + Pizza

We unpacked and picked up two wood-fired pizzas from the market.

Spotted: Winc Summer Water!

Since I already brought my own bottles of Winc that were still warm from travel, I picked up this rose to try!

We got a sausage pizza and an eggplant pizza, plus a caesar salad kit. 

Our Toddler Bed

Birchie is sleeping in this blow-up toddler bed. His first time not in a crib! It’s been great, and he has slept and napped well in it. 

Look how cute!! Succulent sleep sack by Kyte baby.

It’s been fun just the two of us in the evenings – we’ve never been here alone together. 

I’ve been having bagels or yogurt bowls for breakfast each morning. 

The next morning we hit the beach! 


Carve Designs

I got this Cruz rashguard and these Bali shorts from Carve Designs – my new favorite shop for summer wear! The rashguard is so comfortable, and the shorts have both front and a back pocket, so they’re great for tucking things for a beach walk. 

Zip zip! 

Couldn’t pick a favorite photo!

They are also always twinning in their matching black hoodies. 

Happy hour puzzles

Shrimp Scampi

This is one of our go-to shrimp recipes. Pretty easy! 

Marsh Mornings

Back to the beach!

We’ve also spent time at the Club playground.

All playgrounds need pool chairs this comfy for parents!

AND we’ve been to the Club pool!

We picked the warmest day and the pool is heated, but the water was still very cold!! Birch got in up to his legs, and some kids were full-on swimming.

Singing Moana as he went to the edge and back over and over!!

Typical beach lunch

Sammie + chips!

Horizons For Dinner

We went to Horizons at the Club for dinner on Sunday night. Thomas and I both got the grouper special, and Birch had french fries and a pouch! 

Pirate Invasion 

If you thought we came to an island full of pirate history without a full-on pirate costume, you thought wrong ? Some year we will have to come for pirate invasion week. 

Mom + Dad are here now, and I’ll share some more pics later this week, maybe even this weekend! 

Happy spring break!

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