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Bethenny Frankel Gets Fresh, Candid, and Frank About Makeup and Beauty on Tiktok

Bethenny Frankel has a Tiktok account for anyone who is interested and lately, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. I should be clear and say I’m not a “Real Housewives” kind of girl. I’m not much for reality TV shows at all and honestly, I probably wouldn’t know who Bethenny is if it wasn’t for my sister who just gives me all these details on every reality TV she watches! I mean, I’m pretty much familiar with everyone on 90 Day Fiance because my sister got me watching it during the pandemic. We’d do a Facetime during the lockdown and watch the newest episode every Monday after we got done with our stay-at-home workday. But since that time I haven’t been inclined to pick up watching it. I just don’t have the patience for reality TV. No offense, Bethenny.

But Bethenny is my new idol…

So, I dunno when or how it happened but Bethenny does these quick one-minute little beauty Tiktoks where she tells you what’s worth it in the world of beauty and what’s not. And I’m hooked. I really enjoy her fresh take and realness when it comes to makeup. Granted, it’s not a detailed review by any means but she’ll randomly whip out a bunch of different makeup and tell you if she loved it or if you should save your money and skip it. And guess what? I’m here for it. I like the brief, simpleness of it all! No fuss, no shilling, just a quick hey, yes, it’s awesome buy it or hey, this is trash don’t bother.

And she doesn’t discriminate by the way…..! She pretty much features all beauty brands from cheap and cheesy to high-end and luxurious. She’s surprisingly a big drugstore beauty fan!

Probably one of the most awesome things about her content is the fact you’ll see some huge influencer saying how AMAZING and GREAT a certain product is and you swipe up and suddenly find yourself on Bethenny’s Tiktok where’s she’s telling you about the same product but she’s telling you NOT to buy it. It’s refreshingly honest and candid.

I gotta admit I’m not hating her content.

Good for you Bethenny! You get a Muse Approval for you fresh, honest, and candid take on beauty. You’re a rare breed in the beauty community!

Loves it!

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