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Benefit Java WANDERful World Silky-Soft Powder Blush Review & Swatches

Benefit Java WANDERful World Silky-Soft Powder Blush is a new, permanent rosy mocha blush with a matte finish that launched for Summer 2022. Java Blush is one of twelve new blushes that Benefit Cosmetics has launched which appear to have replaced such as Galifornia, Dallas, etc….

I think the hopes for Java is that it would be a Dallas replacement but this is a far deeper, darker shades and very unique compared to anything that Benefit has launched in their Box O’ Powder Collection before. Interestingly enough many of the shades I’ve tried so far like Terra and Moone were quite bold shades in the pan but worked out great for me. So, I was a bit wary of them at first but they turned out beautifully in the end.

I have been more than pleased with every single shade I’ve tried so far but I’ll admit that Java had me a tiny bit worried. Does anyone remember the old Indian Earth mineral makeup? It came in a little terracotta jar and had a cork top. That’s kind of what this shade reminded me of. It’s a very bold, dark reddish brown. It’s incredibly warm, very rich and bold. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off.

Many Benefit WANDERful World Silky-Soft Powder Blush shades are available in two sizes. You can snag a 0.28 oz full-size version for $29 or a mini that’s 0.08 oz in size for $17. Some of the shades are a bit terrifying which makes having a mini option available quite nice! Unfortunately, Java is one of the shades not available as a mini which means I had to haul a full-size and boy, was I preparing for a bad experience.

And guess what? It wasn’t bad at all. The shade surprised the hell out of me. But a note to the heavy-handed blush users out there (I’m one) use a very light touch with this blush as it’s extremely pigmented and you can very, very easily overdo it. I was concerned the combination of the matte finish and darkness of the shade would end up in major clown cheeks but I used a very light touch during application and got a beautiful rosy bronze finish on my cheeks. The matte finish blended perfectly as the formula is very silky and quite a bit powdery (a little tap of your brush to remove excess is a good idea). It applies perfectly to me with a smooth, even finish that wasn’t chalky or dry looking. I was worried it might apply patchy or even give me a splotchy look but I got tons of warm bronze rose on my cheeks sans any patchiness. It’s a truly wonderful shade and quite unique!

Java is a very rich, bold, warm reddish brown or bronze-y rose if you will that will look great in the warmer months if you have a tan! Or if you’re a naturally warm toned girl or guy it’ll look amazing on your skin tone! The matte finish doesn’t have any glow, sparkle or shimmer. If you’re prone to redness in your cheeks or even if you’re very fair or paler I’d probably avoid this one. This is great for anyone with a warmer tone or darker. It’s a shade that will show up on a medium or darker skin tone perfectly but does work well with lighter medium tones that have some warmth in their tone.

Benefit Java Silky-Soft Powder Blush was another great pick from the WANDERful World Blush Collection. This one surprised me! I expected the worst but was pleasantly surprised how nice it looked on me!

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Benefit Java Wanderful World Silky-Soft Powder Blush is a unique rich, warm reddish brown or bronze-y rose shade with a matte finish. This blush is 0.21 oz in size and $29. This shade was a little scary but with a light application you get a truly gorgeous warm rose on cheeks! It applies well and blends out to a smooth finish on my cheeks and wears for a solid ten hours without fading. I was a little concerned with the color being so pigmented that it would be apply patchy but the color was perfect and looked absolutely gorgeous!


  • Beautiful reddish brown shade adds warm to cheeks!
  • Very pigmented!
  • Blends easily for such a bold shade.
  • Wears a solid ten hours without fading.


  • Not an ideal pick for anyone that’s pale, fair, or prone to redness in their cheeks.


Benefit Java Silky-Soft Powder Blush is another great pick for anyone with medium or deeper skin tones looking for a blush that pops!

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