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Anastasia Beverly Hills Rose Metals Palette Do We Want It?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Rose Metals Palette is now available at and the question of the moment is, “Do we want it?” I’ve never had to ask this question before when it came to Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palettes. It was more a question of, “WHEN CAN I GET THIS? I NEED IT NOW!” But the last few releases have been meh for me and I find myself being very unexcited to pick them up. Also, dare I say it? The Norvina Palettes were just too much for me. I think those palettes were gorgeous and they’re thrilling for anyone who wants a bunch of bold eyeshadows in their life. But it doesn’t feel like a realistic selection of shades that the average consumer would use daily. It’s not like you’re going to go to the office in bright oranges and purples! Could be I’m getting older and just don’t appreciate loud shades as much as I used to.

We suffer no such issues with the Rose Metals Eyeshadow Palettes! No crazy colors here! No bright oranges or bold blues! This is a pretty elegant eyeshadow palette for Holiday or evening looks. It includes 12 brand new shades in matte and highly-reflective metallic shimmers. As you may have noticed it’s a “palette” and not an “eyeshadow palette” which means there are shades that can’t be used on the eyes. Lucky enough, it’s not an half or even quarter amount of shadows that aren not eye safe! It’s merely one. Dune is the shade no recommended for eye use.

Shades include:

  • Rose Quartz (metallic pink champagne with sparkling reflects)
  • Royal (sparkling burgundy with pink reflects)
  • Haze (metallic silver gold with multi-dimensional reflects)
  • Rose Fire (metallic fiery copper with multi-dimensional reflects)
  • Sunrose (matte peachy-brown with sparkling reflects)
  • Nova (metallic golden bronze with multi-dimensional reflects)
  • Heavenly (metallic platinum gold with multi-dimensional reflects)
  • Element (metallic rosy brown)
  • Ashes (matte greyish-taupe with sparkling reflects)
  • Dune (matte rustic brown)
  • Nocture (metallic greystone with sparkling reflects)
  • Noble (matte plum brown)

As with all things this palette has a bit of a price increase by around $10. Remember when the 12-pan eyeshadow palettes were $45? They are now $55!

The question of whether I want this or not is still unanswered. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…but for now I’m not yet reaching for my wallet.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Rose Metals Palette is available now are you purchasing it?

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