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An Autumn To-Do List — From Roses

Second hand september

Something that I’m trying to do so much more this year is shop second hand. It’s something that I started to do last year and this A/W I’m trying to buy almost everything I want for my wardrobe from Depop or eBay and so far so good. I’ve managed to get a pair of New Balance trainers, 3 knitted jumper dressers, 1 jumper dresses and finally a replacement for my very worn and in dire need of replacing pleather jacket. There is something so extremely satisfying about finding something second hand and it being exactly what you’ve been looking for. Dare I say it’s an even better feeling than shopping new? The lockdown made me really examine my shopping habits and look at what I was buying and from now on I’m going to try really hard to only buy second hand or sustainably when it comes to my big purchases. The only area where I’m finding this is a little more difficult is when it comes to my underwear and socks as I can’t afford £20+ on one pair of undies but it’s something I’m trying to work on.

taking more photographs

Autumn is hands down my favourite time of year to take seasonal photographs and I think because we’ve not been able to get out much this year I’m aching for it even more and I think I’ve finally found my happy place with Instagram once again. Obviously, our Scotland trip is going to be a huge part of my content for the autumn period which I couldn’t be happier about as I can’t even imagine how beautiful the Loch’s are going to be with the morning mist.

getting back into a routine

Whilst things certainly aren’t back to normal in terms of my workload and what’s coming into my inbox I am trying to get back into as much of routine as I can with my day. Obviously, during lockdown everything went completely out the window in terms of normality which is absolutely fine because it’s to be expected but now I’m aching for some sort of routine when the world is very slowly going back to ‘normal’. Going back to the gym and having that little part of my day has helped a huge amount and my AM dog walks is something that keeps me anchored too.

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