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A Few Summer Favourites — From Roses

My sister bought me these trainers for my birthday, they were something I’d had my eye on for a long time as I desperately needed to replace my very tired and over-worn Converse. I have to say, I much prefer these to Converse not only are they so much comfier to bed in but personally for me I find them a lot more flattering on my legs. Although I’ve not had them very long they have already had to have a trip around the washing machine as I wore them on an incredibly dusty dog walk and they looked a little too worn in for month old white trainers. They held up fine in the washing machine which is always good when buying white trainers as I do like to be able to wash them. Size wise, they’re pretty true to size and they also do half sizes which personally is something I wish every brand would do as it makes finding comfy long lasting shoes much easier.

I’ve not been wearing make-up throughout lockdown but something that I have been very conscious of is my skincare routine and how I can get my skin looking its best as I have just turned 30. Retinol is still something I’m very much getting used to and understanding how it works. For so long I was absolutely terrified of using a retinol in the fear that my face would peel off the instant I applied it but as long as you’re careful it can be such a powerful product to have in your skincare rotation. I’ve been using this overnight retinol oil from one of my most loved skincare brands Pixi and I really like it as I feel like I’m getting the benefits of the retinol but it’s not dried on my skin or made it feel super sensitive. As of right now, I’m using it every other night instead of every day and that seems to work the best for me and as always when using an acid or a retinol it’s so important to make sure you’re using an SPF.

The Hills

Reality TV isn’t something that I find myself watching all too often but one show that I’ve loved since my teenage years is The Hills & The City. Recently they were both added to Amazon Prime and I cannot stop watching it, there is something so terribly nostalgic about that show and I’ve fallen right back into my obsession with LC. Rewatching it as an adult makes me view the show so differently than I did when I was a teenager. There are so many things I’ve picked up on watching it now that I never noticed before and some of them can be a little tough to watch like Spencer & Heidi’s insanely unhealthy relationship.

A horrible anxious habit I have is biting the skin around the edge of my nails and obviously, with everything going on in the world right now it’s been a pretty anxious time so my hands haven’t been looking their best. A product that has been helping to repair the areas of damage quickly is an oil and cream duo from a brand called SEAMS.. Their products are designed for seamstresses as obviously their hands go through so much day to day. Just before going to bed I like to apply the oil and then the cream on top and when I wake up my hands look and feel so much better, they’re nourished and the damage I’ve done with my anxious habit is already starting to be repaired. As well as helping with the damage I’ve done it also really helps with my cuticles, they’re so unruly but the oil helps keep them under control giving my nails a much neater appearance. The combination of the two sink in quickly which means you could easily use this throughout the day, I just prefer to use it before bed to let it works its magic overnight.

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