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10 Best Athletic Pants For Women

Searching for the best athletic pants for women? I crowdsourced the KERF audience to find out their favorites! This post includes affiliate links.

10 Best Athletic Pants For Women

I’ve been living in leggings for the past two years thanks to the pandemic and WFH life. Leggings are a staple of my “mom uniform.” I also aim to be active daily, so athletic pants are just practical for my lifestyle. 

I know how that perfect pair of athletic pants can make you feel confident and comfortable throughout your workout. You know what I’m talking about… the pair you want to reach for even when they’re in the dirty clothes hamper. 

Throughout the years I’ve tried too many different types of leggings to count, from twenty dollar Target leggings to the cream of the crop. Spoiler alert: my favorite leggings ever are under $30! 

If you’re anything like me, and athleisure wear rules your closet, then you probably know that each pair of athletic pants serves a purpose: some are best for the bike, some are made to be worn on the yoga mat, and then there are those that you lounge in/live in/travel in/chase kids in. My go-tos must have a high waist, pockets, and medium compression, but I love loose joggers and high compression tights for other activities as well! 

Athleta Venice Joggers

I crowdsourced the KERF audience to find out their favorite athletic pants for women. With a variety of budgets and activities in mind to inspire your workout wardrobe, here are your favorites (including my must-haves).

10 Best Athletic Pants For Women

In no particular order, here are the leggings and athletic pants y’all think are the best of the best. 


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